Action day "Flottes Gewerbe" in Stuttgart - Successful trial convinces!

In many places it is difficult for tradespeople to find independent advice on cargo bikes - the city of Stuttgart wants to change this with the "Flottes Gewerbe" campaign. Since June, tradespeople and other interested parties have been able to test cargo bikes from various manufacturers in their daily work for several weeks as part of the campaign in the state capital. The interest was great: also on 28 June at the demo event on Karlsplatz, many participants took the opportunity to test drive and compare cargo bikes on the large test course. The offer on the day of action was supplemented by a non-binding, manufacturer-independent consultation on site and reports on the experiences of the test pioneers.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the commercial use of cargo bikes and to expand the information possibilities and the necessary service infrastructure. The reason for this is that tradespeople often do not know which different models and personalisation options are available. Moreover, advice is usually tied to individual manufacturers. The conception and implementation of the campaign was in the hands of the agency GmbH from Berlin.

In Stuttgart, the offer was well received by the tradespeople: from the large number of applications, 23 businesses were allowed to put e-cargo bikes adapted to their needs through their paces free of charge during the test period. Regardless of whether it is a care service, a winery, a sports club, a nursery or a craftsman - the entrepreneurs draw a consistently positive conclusion: cargo bikes are an eye-catcher in the city and were also very well received by the customers. After the good experiences during the test period, the testers consider cargo bikes to be a useful addition to the vehicle fleet, because many jobs are done in the immediate surroundings.

In terms of suitability for everyday use, electricians, for example, were surprised at how easily they were able to transport cable reels weighing 60 kg with the cargo bike. In most cases, however, the material is delivered directly to the construction site and the craftsmen only have to bring their tools and small parts - a cargo bike is certainly enough for that. For other companies, the advantage of the e-load bikes was that they can be driven without a driving licence. In this way, even employees without a driving licence become mobile and can be used flexibly. Business owners who have switched to the VS3E from VSC Bike for a few weeks particularly emphasise the ease of use and the wide range of additional equipment. No matter whether a transport basket is needed at the front or at the back, whether a special superstructure for lawn mowers or a loading area with a coverable tarpaulin for food is required - the cargo bike specialist VSC.Bike can realise all of this.

The experiences of the test pioneers have shown that it is worth switching! Cargobikes have the potential to replace a large number of commercial vehicle journeys in urban areas. Pushing aids and electric motors take the physical strain off the riders. Another great advantage of this type of mobility is that it eliminates the need to search for parking spaces and the possibility of avoiding traffic jams. And by the way, businesses contribute to a cleaner city, because the use of cargo bikes can reduce both pollutant and noise emissions. Especially for self-employed people and young companies, the purchase of an e-bike is easier to realise than buying a company car, as the purchase and maintenance costs are much lower. Sometimes the purchase of cargo bikes is even subsidised by the municipalities or federal states. In addition to Stuttgart, other cities such as Karlsruhe, Ludwigsburg, Darmstadt and Mainz have joined the campaign to make it easier for businesses to start cycling.

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