VSC.Bike, the specialist for cargo bikes

VSC Bike has been producing load and infeed wheels since February 2017.
With many years of experience, the first models were created. We attach great importance
to simple operation, good quality and high reliability. The aim of VSC is a sustainable,
ecological movement to create small and large conurbations.
Our suppliers come primarily from Germany and Europe.

In July 2017 we delivered the first delivery bicycles to the German Post Office. Afterwards we extended our range of products
by a E-Trike, which was launched in May 2019. These models have been continuously optimised and expanded.
VSC.Bike already has 13 employees, who are represented in production, sales and administration.

Since 2020 there is a cooperation between VSC.Bike and Pendix GmbH, the engine specialist from Germany.
By combining the two competences "frame construction" and "drive construction" there is a unique connection,
which no other company can offer. The products are perfectly matched, as the frame and engine design take
place in one house during product development. Customers benefit from absolute flexibility
in the choice of products and quick adaptation to their needs.