Cargo wheels of the most special kind

Our bikes are specially designed for industrial requirements. The double reinforced frame is designed for the heavy loads.  The construction also allows the transport of large loads in the baskets provided. There are extra strong hydraulic brakes from Magura or drum brakes. All load wheels are also equipped with a parking brake.

VSC.BIKE accessories also include delivery boxes, which are available with optional covers. The load wheels can be parked on a castor stand or a robust centre stand.
For the ergonomics and comfort of the rider, our bikes are equipped with a height and angle adjustable handlebar stem and a gel saddle.

The load bikes are available with and without electrification. Two motors are available: Erzmo MS1 and Pendix eDrive.

1. Luggage carrier for transport containers
2. Parking brake for a secure hold when stationary
3. Strong braking system
4. Robust steel frame
5. Drive systems of the companies Pendix GmbH or EMGR GmbH
6. Safe tyres