Erzmo drive

The ERZMO®MS 1 from EMGR is a powerful mid-mounted motor which was developed especially for load wheels. Due to its high torque and performance characteristics, load wheels with a total mass of up to 300 kg can be moved easily. The drive is characterised by its robust and durable construction. It is therefore particularly suitable for demanding applications in the industrial sector. The integrated 3-speed gearbox allows the driver's effort to be individually dosed. The control is handled by powerful electronics, which have also been implemented in the drive. In addition, the mid-engine has a pushing and starting aid which supports up to 6 km/h without additional pedalling. The control over this is done with a throttle grip on the handlebars.

The motor is manufactured at Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain GmbH, the market leading supplier of customised drives.

Technical data at a glance


250 W

Maximum speed:

25 km/h*

Torque max.:

80 Nm

Power transmission:

3-speed gearbox (integrated)

Supply voltage:

36V, 48 V

Battery capacities:

594 Wh (LiFePo), 816 Wh (NMC)

Protection class:

IP 56

*legally permissible maximum value for EU countries