Warranty * VSC Bike GmbH

Our bicycles are manufactured according to the latest production methods and undergo a comprehensive quality control before delivery.
We generally provide a warranty for our cargo bikes within the scope of the legal regulations.
In addition to the legal requirements, we give a 2-year guarantee on the frames and forks of our bicycles.
On the battery of our E-Bikes and E-Trikes we give a guarantee of 1 year with a remaining capacity of 70%. The battery manufacturer takes over the handling in case of complaints.
The delivered bicycles should be checked for integrity and completeness after receipt. Obvious defects should be reported to us within 5 working days of receipt of the goods.
You can reach us:     
by phone: +49 (0)34652 6716-0
by fax: +49 (0)34652 6716-19
by e-mail: info@vsc.bike

Please keep the delivery note for possible warranty claims.
Within the warranty period all defective spare parts and components, which are due to defective material or processing, will be replaced by VSC Bike GmbH free of charge.
The following are excluded from the warranty:

  •     Tyres
  •     Chain
  •     Sprocket
  •     brake pads
  •     Brake Discs
  •     Shift and brake cables
  •     Switching hubs
  •     Bearings (headset, bottom bracket)
  •     Pedals
  •     bicycles that are used improperly or inappropriately (e.g. overloading, overloading)
  •     Damage Reason for disregarding the operating instructions or failure to observe safety instructions
  •     Batteries for which the storage and charging specifications have not been observed
  •     All components that are subject to natural wear and tear
  •     Necessary readjustments of circuit and brakes as well as the tightening of screw connections
  •     Damage resulting from the use of unsuitable aids, operating materials and spare parts
  •     Damage caused by violence (e.g. falls) and damage by third parties (vandalism)

Our bicycles may only be used for their intended purpose. Please read the instructions for the bicycle and observe the respective operating instructions.

* General notes on the statutory warranty
Warranty defines a time-limited obligation to rectify the defects / and to make a purchase exclusively for defects that already existed at the time of sale.
Within the warranty period of 24 months after acceptance, the buyer can claim existing defects of the bicycle.
In favour of the customer, it is generally assumed during the first 6 months of the warranty period that the goods were already defective at the time of delivery, unless the seller can prove that the defect did not exist at the time of delivery.
If the bicycle is claimed after the first 6 months, the burden of proof is reversed, i.e. the customer must prove that the item was already defective at the time of delivery.