How can cargo bikes be optimally equipped from a technical point of view?

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in business. Whether for the delivery of food and beverages, courier trips or the transport of materials for craftsmen - the possible uses are manifold. In the urban environment, cargo bike riders get around well and are also a relief for the city climate, which is plagued by CO2 emissions.

Electric cargo bikes are available as backpackers, "Long John" or tricycles. "Before purchasing, it is important to inform yourself in detail in order to find the perfect cargo bike for the intended use," recommends Maik Walther, Purchasing Manager at VSC.Bike.

The purpose determines the right cargo bike

At the beginning, interested parties should answer the question for which purpose they would like to use the cargo bike. The answer to this question ultimately determines the equipment of the vehicle. "If the cargo bike is to be used for letter or parcel delivery, customers can choose from superstructures of up to seven letter or parcel boxes with us," Maik Walther continues. With such superstructures and special loading areas, delivery bikes can end up with a maximum capacity of 300 kilograms. Therefore, it is important that the bikes have a stable construction and hydraulic brakes. VSC bikes and their attachments are made of 90 percent steel and also have a certain spring effect, which riders often find comfortable.

Electric drive for a total weight of over 250 kilograms

Cargobikes with a total weight of over 250 kilograms should also be equipped with an electric drive of at least 70 Newton metres. Nevertheless, ride off or pushing such a bike can quickly become a sporting challenge, especially when going uphill. It therefore makes sense to equip such heavy cargo bikes with an additional starting and pushing aid. At the push of a button, the bikes then accelerate automatically up to six kilometres per hour. Delivery bikes equipped with such electric power should be ridden with particular foresight.

Safe and easy to use

Not only the frame must be able to withstand the load of the delivery bikes, but also their wheels. A good-running cargo bike needs a stable wheel with spokes at least 2.34 to 2.6 millimetres thick. A new trend is also emerging here: away from 36-spoke wheels and towards solid cast wheels. The cargo bike tyre should also be equipped with puncture protection - similar to a "car homer". "In addition, the handlebars and handlebar stem must be tested with special tests for higher loads and have a special material strength," explains Maik Walther. If you want even more comfort here, you can use a parking brake. This keeps the bike in position when the cargo bike is parked and prevents the load from slipping.

According to Maik Walther, comfortable riding and easy operation are the most important criteria for a perfect cargo bike. Therefore, its frame height should also be optimally adapted to the body size.

Are you looking for a new means of transport for your goods or products? Arrange an individual cargo bike test ride right away! Our experts will of course be happy to help you equip your bikes optimally.

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