How cargo bikes can help achieve climate neutrality

Many scientists agree that excessive CO2 emissions are the main reason for the constant warming of the world's climate. Rising temperatures have serious consequences, which we also observe in Central Europe. Extreme weather events, heat waves and heavy precipitation are a threat. In addition, sea levels are rising worldwide and are becoming a danger not only for coastal regions. Movements like "Fridays For Future" are communicating more and more clearly what companies and private individuals can do to stop global warming.

Climate-neutral action: Questioning one's own actions

Here the answer is: climate-neutral action, which examines business activities and habits to see how CO2 emissions can be kept low. Active climate policy is needed to ensure that companies in Germany remain competitive, invest in their location and become climate neutral. In Germany, climate neutrality by 2050 is an official policy goal. In doing so, the federal government is following the guidelines of the world climate summit in Paris in 2015, at which practically all countries agreed to save CO2 and to slow down the global warming that has already begun.

Car journeys decisive for CO2 emissions

About 18 percent of CO2 emissions in Germany are due to transport1. Cargo bikes that replace car journeys can be a solution for climate-friendly transport. According to the Federal Environment Agency, the bicycle is the "most environmentally friendly means of transport: emission-free, quiet, efficient, climate-friendly". "Bicycles are also versatile, cost-effective and beneficial to health," adds Raik Vollmann, managing director of VSC Bike, a provider of cargo and company bicycles. "Especially in urban areas, cargo bikes and trailers are advantageous. They make less noise than cars and don't require as much space," Vollmann continues.

Pioneer Konstanz

One city that has advanced its climate neutrality - and is thus taking a pioneering role - is Constance on Lake Constance. Here, a public transport bike rental system with 26 bikes has been set up at several locations. The bikes can be rented via the internet, an app, by phone or at terminals. Both a two-wheeled transport bike with space for two beverage crates and a three-wheeled bike for four beverage crates are available.

Transport wheels for conservation of resources

"The transport bike rental system in Constance gives hope that other cities will follow suit and favour cargo bikes over cars. Transport bikes that are shared are in most cases better utilised than private bikes that are not shared. Usually around 200 people use one transport bike together. The better utilisation means less resource consumption," says Raik Vollmann. The German government will have to demonstrate this when it travels to the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, in November 2021 and wants to show a positive balance there. But that is still a long way off. A total of 300 million has been earmarked for climate protection in the federal budget for the years 2020 to 2022. This is a kind of penalty payment because Germany has not reduced emissions of climate-damaging gases such as CO2 - as agreed in the Paris Agreement of 2015.

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