From car to bike: How to make the switch attractive

The issue of climate change is more current and urgent than ever before. It is clear that everyone must do their part to protect the earth and ultimately preserve their own living space. The renunciation of vehicles with combustion engines is a central aspect here. But what makes hardened car drivers switch to bicycles? And: How can the changeover be made attractive?

Since 2019, the mobility project „PendlerRatD“ has been getting to the bottom of these and other questions and motivating commuters from various sectors to switch to cycling. In the region around Stuttgart and Heilbronn, the project explores different ways and possibilities to make cycling easy and compatible with everyday life.

What was surprising was that after the end of the project, 85 percent of the commuters were willing to continue cycling to work.  This clearly shows that many people are willing to cycle - but certain conditions have to be met.

Concrete actions: What does it take to make the change?

As part of the project, the participants were provided with e-bikes and accessories such as locks and bags. A project app was also available. It showed the users the optimal cycling routes. In addition, there was support in the form of "bike mentors" from the project team. The companies themselves offered further incentives by offering their employees bonuses for certain numbers of commuter journeys by bike.

Bicycles are also useful in everyday business life

Bicycles are not only an environmentally friendly alternative for commuting to work; cargo bikes, for example, can also be easily integrated into everyday business life. These can and are already used in urban delivery traffic by the post office and couriers. Cargo bikes are also practical for transport on a larger company site or for the provision of services. They are often much more advantageous for such tasks than cars and vans. They consume less space, raw materials and money. Deliveries can sometimes even be transported to the workplace.

Benefits of cycling for businesses

The use of bicycles or cargo bikes by employees not only brings companies cost advantages, more effective processes and space savings. It is also interesting to note that cyclists are on average two days less sick per year. For employers, this means several thousand euros per employee that can be saved. And let's be honest: Doesn't an environmentally conscious company also do something good for its own reputation on the market?

What happens after the "PendlerRatD" project?

The incentives needed to encourage car drivers to cycle have been impressively demonstrated by the PendlerRatD project. But what happens after the end of the project this year and what are the benefits of the results? The results will be bundled in a guide and made available to employers and employees. The results and recommendations from the region around Stuttgart and Heilbronn are easily transferable to other regions. This means that something can be done throughout Germany for more climate protection, effectiveness and health.

You would like to become "greener" yourself and are thinking about how you can integrate cargo bikes into your everyday business? Arrange a test ride or get advice from our experts.